Monday, March 25, 2013

27 Weeks

How far along are you?: 27 weeks.  This is the last week of my second trimester ahh!!
Total weight gain?: 11 lbs
How big is baby?: Babycenter says about 2 lbs now.
Maternity clothes?: Of course.  Although, the black top I'm wearing in this picture was actually purchased for about $6 at Forever21 a few years back for me to wear to work.  Because of the babydoll fit, I can still wear it now.  Success!!
Stretch marks?: Not yet.
Sleep?: It's safe to say it's uncomfortable now.  I pretty much have no choice but to sleep on my side and because of the way my body lays, I wake up just about every night with a sore hip... Which is just odd to me.
Best moment this week?: Went to a Dr's appointment last week and was told that since I dropped 2lbs she wanted to check my thyroid.  Got the results back for that today and all is normal!!  Good news!!  Now I just have an ultrasound next week to check her growth and make sure it's all on track but I am confident it will be.
Movement?: Tons.  She is a crazy woman.
Food cravings?: I'm craving sweets a bit more now.
Food aversions?: Nothing really.
Labor signs?: No sir-ee.
Belly button in or out?: It's getting to the yucky out position.  I am totally creeped out by outie belly buttons and the fact that mine is doing that... I told Ryan "my belly button betrayal has begun." 
What I miss?: Sleeping on my back!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Ryan is getting a new place soon and I can't wait to set up Myla's nursery.  Oh yeah by the way, we decided we were too excited to keep her name a secret anymore so there have it - our JuneBug is going to be named Myla!!  WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

And here's a flattering picture of Myla's daddy being a dork :)

26 Weeks

This post is late... So sorry!! 

How far along are you?: 26 weeks.
Total weight gain?: 11 pounds
How big is baby?: Babycenter says about 1 2/3 lbs.
Maternity clothes?: Of course
Stretch marks?: No.
Sleep?: This is the week when sleep started to get uncomfortable.  My usage of a body pillow has begun.
Best moment this week?: Hiccups!!  I felt them for the first time the night this picture was taken.  I thought it was hilarious.
Movement?: Yes my daughter parties in my womb.  Crazy girl.
Food cravings?: Not really.
Food aversions?: Nothing thus far.
Labor signs?: Nope.
Belly button in or out?: The belly button betrayal has begun.... Half in/half out >:-(
What I miss?: Having a wardrobe that consisted of more than 10 pieces of clothing.
What I'm looking forward to?: Meeting with my baby and bonding with her.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

25 Weeks

How far along are you?: 25 weeks oh yeah.
Total weight gain?: 11-12 pounds
How big is baby?: Babycenter says a pound to a pound and a half, or the size of a squash.
Maternity clothes?: Yeah.  Dressin' that bump, y'all.
Stretch marks?: Nope and still hoping to ward them off.
Sleep?: Alright.  Every once in a while baby girl will lay in a position that is really strange and it's really uncomfortable and I can't sleep.
Best moment this week?: Getting a *FREE* 3D ultrasound of JuneBug at my OB appointment yesterday because I participated in a study.  It was really amazing and the medical student who was doing the US saw her and said "Wow! Look at those lips!" Haha yeah... She gets those from me.  Gotta love those Spanish traits!  When Ryan saw the picture he said she looked just like me.
Movement?: Yeah she moves around all the time, all day long.  The Dr and med student doing my ultrasound study yesterday were cracking up because every time they thought they had a good shot to take for their study, she'd wiggle around.  They told me I had an extremely active baby.
Food cravings?: Nothing really.... Gonna start an iron supplement though because I have physiologic anemia.  Yay pregnancy...  At least it's not Gestational Diabetes (I tested negative for that yesterday).
Food aversions?: Well as my heartburn gets more frequent, I need to try to stay away from pizza or other really greasy, spicy or otherwise unhealthy foods like that because when I eat them, I feel the fires of hell in my throat :(
Labor signs?: Nah.
Belly button in or out?: In
What I miss?: Drinking lots and lots of coffee.
What I'm looking forward to?: Ryan and I finding a new place to be all moved into when JuneBug gets here... We have something right now that's really exciting and if it all works out I am going to be so super happy :)

Just for fun, here's a pic I took yesterday of Ryan... In my glasses... Making a really attractive face.  Just gotta love this man.  I know I do.  With all my heart.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

24 Weeks: 6 months!

How far along are you?: 24 weeks babeh. That puts me at 6 months. Wow!
Total weight gain?: Around 11 pounds
How big is baby?: Just over a pound
Maternity clothes?: Yep. I scour for sales though because I think it's dumb to spend a fortune on a wardrobe that will only fit for a few months. For example, the tank top I'm wearing in this picture was purchased for $2.97 at Old Navy. Go ME!!!
Stretch marks?: Not yet but every once in a while, my tummy itches so... I'm sure they're gonna happen.
Sleep?: My back is starting to hurt when I wake up.
Best moment this week?: This past weekend when Rhys would run around and get excited, he would run up to my belly, put both his hands on it and babble things to his baby sister. It was so cute. He would even make little faces like if she knew what he could possibly be saying. It was the sweetest thing. A couple of other times, he would come lay in my lap and put his head on my belly like he was listening for her. I keep wondering what he is thinking.
Movement?: She kicks to me and daddy's voices. So in love with that.
Food cravings?: Mexican food ALL the time.
Food aversions?: No I will eat everything.
Labor signs?: No.
Belly button in or out?: In
What I miss?: I went shooting with Ryan on our anniversary on New Year's Day and now that  baby girl is bigger and has developed ears, I have to wait until after she's born to have her daddy take me shooting again. Dang it! I really liked the feeling of shooting a gun!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Baby shower! Invitations go out this week. It will be small but that's okay. I've never been one to have a million acquaintances.