Thursday, May 16, 2013

34 Weeks

How far along are you?: 34 weeks.
Total weight gain?: 25 pounds bebeh
How big is baby?: Babycenter says 4.75 lbs so far.  That's huge! - A cantaloupe!
Maternity clothes?: The tank and sweats in this pic are NOT maternity, I have just forced them onto my body :)
Stretch marks?: Still none woohoo!!
Sleep?: It's kind uncomfy these days.
Best moment this week?: Well tonight might be it because we are taking all our coupons, completion discount, employee discount, giftcards and cash to Target and buying everything we had left on the registry and still need for Miss Myla!! We are both so excited.
Movement?: As I've said before, alllll the time.
Food cravings?: Still ice cream... and ice... Which means I need to take my iron pills haha.
Food aversions?: Thankfully I have none!
Labor signs?: I thought maybe my water had broken the other day but it didn't haha I just freaked myself out.
Belly button in or out?: Bleggghhh out.
What I miss?: Bathing suits that fit me right!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Shopping tonight!

Sidenote Update: I know that I did not update a 33 week picture and you'll have to excuse me because we did not take one.  Last week was very hectic for me and Ryan.  New house, I got a nursing job, and we had a huge health scare in the family that we have been dealing with and we were pretty much in small emotional little fragments last week trying to deal with all of this new stuff in our lives and between my crying blubbering breakdowns and his worrying we were just not able to get to the picture. But alas, here is this week's picture and we hope you enjoy our progress as much as we do.  Only 39 days until our due date!! AAHH!!

Also I just realized I spelled "cantaloupe" as "canteloupe" in our chalkboard and I'm very mad at myself and want to retake the whole thing. GRRRR >:(