Monday, April 29, 2013

32 Weeks

How far along are you?: 32 weeks.  Today marks the beginning of our 8th month!!
Total weight gain?: I'll go to the doctor this Friday and find out for sure then but I'd put it around 22 if I had to guess.
How big is baby?: 3.75 lbs and the size of a large jicama or papaya.
Maternity clothes?: Liz Lange for Target top.  Also a nursing top, just like the one last week was.
Stretch marks?: Hoping they stay away.
Sleep?: Sleep is golden.
Best moment this week?: My baby shower was this past Saturday.  It was owl themed of course and very amazing.  Jessika, Lauren, Kim, Christina, my mom and everyone who helped at all did so good with it.  The food was great, the people who showed up were great and we got some really awesome things for Myla!!  When Ryan saw it all he was really excited.
Movement?: Haha tonight Ryan saw her stretch out across my belly and it creates this lopsided lump where her little body is and he was just in awe.  I love those moments.
Food cravings?: Sweets, ice cream, and still loving water.
Food aversions?: Food couldn't avert me if it tried.
Labor signs?: Not yet.
Belly button in or out?: You should know by now that this is my least favorite question.  It's out.  100% out.
What I miss?: Dos Equis.  Yes, this week we got specific.  When GayLynn was here this weekend we went to The Spot for lunch on The Strand and she had a draft one.  Well I took a taste and I cannot believe how good it was.  I mean really I don't ever remember it tasting that amazing.  I now know what my first post-pregnancy adult beverage will be!
What I'm looking forward to?: Seeing Ryan hold his little girl for the first time.  I think it will be magical watching him hold the little baby that is going to hold his heart in her chubby pink hand <3 font="">

Friday, April 26, 2013

31 Weeks

How far along are you?: 31 weeks.
Total weight gain?: Probably close to 20 lbs.
How big is baby?: 3.3 lbs and the size of a pineapple... Mmm that gets me thinking of all the fruity drinks I can't have.
Maternity clothes?: Liz Lange for Target top $19.99.  As an added bonus, it's also a nursing top!
Stretch marks?: Haven't found any this week either.
Sleep?: It's interesting.  I woke up the other night because my arm was numb.  I had somehow rolled onto my back and I guess she was cutting off all my circulation.
Best moment this week?: I can't think of one so here is my alternative: I passed by a full-length mirror and wow.  I don't care if the whole universe says I'm not fat, this is the biggest I've been all my life and when I saw my reflection I did a double take to make sure that the beached whale I'd just seen was truly me.  Much to my dismay, of course, it was. Oh I just thought of a good moment... my friend GayLynn from nursing school will be here in about 20 minutes from Stephenville!!  She came all the way out for my shower and is staying this weekend.  Love her!!
Movement?: All the time but I bet she is getting pretty cramped in there haha.
Food cravings?: Ice cream, been drinking lots of water.. that's about it.
Food aversions?: Luckily I don't have that problem.
Labor signs?: Just BH contractions every once in a while.
Belly button in or out?: All the way out.  Traitor.
What I miss?: Not looking like a circus freak when I get up off the couch.
What I'm looking forward to?: Baby shower is tomorrow woohooo!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Weeks

How far along are you?: 30 weeks.
Total weight gain?: This is tricky.  The scale at my house broke (not from me haha) and I weighed myself at Ryan's mom's house and her scale told me I weighed 136.5 which puts my gain at 16.5 lbs but the next day at the doctor's office their scale said I weighed 139.  I guarantee you I did not gain 2.5 pounds overnight.  So I guess to be safe we can say 17 lbs?
How big is baby?: Almost 3 lbs and the size of a head of cabbage and as long as a cucumber.  So say my babycenter emails anyway :)
Maternity clothes?: Yep!  The dress in this picture is not maternity, though.  I got it for $2.50 from Old Navy.  Holla!
Stretch marks?: Haven't found any this week.
Sleep?: Sleep sucks.  I am so uncomfortable unless I lay on my left side.
Best moment this week?: I got a manicure today and while I was sitting in the massage chair, Myla was completely motionless.  She liked it!  I know because a minute or two after the chair turned off, she started kicking around again.  I guess that means she will fall asleep pretty easily in a bouncer.
Movement?: She rolls around all the time.
Food cravings?: I would cut someone for a DQ Blizzard.
Food aversions?: Everything is tasty.
Labor signs?: A few Braxton Hicks but just every once in a while and that's normal.
Belly button in or out?: Out.  I don't even wanna talk about it :(
What I miss?: Wiiiiiiine.
What I'm looking forward to?: Having my baby girl in my arms.  Only 10 more weeks, give or take!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

29 Weeks

How far along are you?: 29 weeks.
Total weight gain?: 15 lbs.
How big is baby?: Too big to fit comfortably in there anymore.  She rolls around now instead of really kicking.  No room to stretch out anymore I guess :)
Maternity clothes?: Yep!  In this picture: Shirt is Liz Lange for Target - $9.99
Stretch marks?: Not yet, dude.  Not yet.
Sleep?: My back is killing me when I wake up nowadays.  And by that I mean when I wake up for the day, not counting any of the multiple times I wake up during the night sore and uncomfortable.
Best moment this week?: Being told my belly was "perfectly round" haha :)
Movement?: Yeah she's a big rolly polly.
Food cravings?: Haven't had any.
Food aversions?: Nothin'.
Labor signs?: No... I may have had some BH earlier this week but I'm not real sure because they were so short and I was preoccupied talking to a friend.
Belly button in or out?: it's like 90% out now.  It's awful.
What I miss?: Sleeping comfortably.
What I'm looking forward to?: My baby shower is on the 27th.  I am very excited!

We are down to something like 75 days until my EDD y'all.  This is exciting.  It's literally like 10 1/2 weeks away and I'm so terrified it's not even funny.  I'm excited to meet Myla but at the same time, I'm terrified of the process leading up.  Speaking of her name, here is the final decision on the full name: Myla Ryann Sanders.  We love it!  (And yes we are aware her initials will be MRS lol)

Friday, April 5, 2013

28 Weeks?

So here we are.  It's Friday and Ryan and I have not yet taken our picture for the week (which we typically do on Mondays) so it's looking like we are not getting to it this week.  We are slackers, we know and we're sorry!  He worked late a couple of nights this week and then we had a date night the next night and totally forgot about the pic and both kind of agreed we probably were not going to be taking the picture at that point.  But I'll still update what I can! Just no picture this week, so sorry!!

How far along are you?: 28 weeks.  HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!!
Total weight gain?: 12 lbs.
How big is baby?: Had a growth ultrasound on Tuesday to check this so I know her exact weight: 2lbs 11oz!!!  Atta girl!!
Maternity clothes?: Bought a couple more pieces this week.  Maternity clothing has such a crappy selection.  It's sad.
Stretch marks?: None thus far and crossing my fingers that it stays that way!
Sleep?: Myla doesn't like it when mommy sleeps, apparently.  She makes it her personal mission to move around as much as possible when I lay down and to basically crush my organs if I decide to roll to my other side.  So pleasant.
Best moment this week?: Seeing Myla on the ultrasound this week.
Movement?: Yes :) She is having hiccups now and it just cracks me up.
Food cravings?: All things salty are heaven.
Food aversions?: Nothing.
Labor signs?: No but sometimes I get sharp pains.  I know they're not contractions though.
Belly button in or out?: The belly button betrayal is almost totally complete.  It is almost entirely an outie now.  I'm so grossed out/sad.
What I miss?: Being able to pop my back!
What I'm looking forward to?: I mean are we being honest, here?  If we are, I miss not having heartburn so bad that I can't even lean over to do something without getting reflux.  So nasty.

And PS - anyone finding me through Pinterest, glad to see you here! Repin us!