Tuesday, February 26, 2013

23 Weeks

How far along are you?: 23 weeks alonnnng
Total weight gain?: Around 10 pounds
How big is baby?: BIG. Little over a pound.
Maternity clothes?: Oh yeah. Just bought some maternity shorts for the summer. They're surprisingly cute. I say surprisingly because nothing in the maternity section is cute.
Stretch marks?: Nah uh.
Sleep?: Getting my Z's just fine.
Best moment this week?: Going shopping for something new to wear and coming back to Ryan's ranting about how nothing fits and almost crying. He laughed at me. It was kind of funny... I was about to cry because my tank tops didn't fit anymore.
Movement?: Same as ever, she kicks a ton after I eat.
Food cravings?: Sweets. Trying not to give in too much.
Food aversions?: Nope.
Labor signs?: No.
Belly button in or out?: Still an innie.
What I miss?: Being able to reach my feet to put on socks and shoes. It's like having a pillow strapped to me and reaching down to do things.
What I'm looking forward to?: Summertime!!

This week, the post has 2 pictures because Ryan took both pictures and loved my silly face so at his request, I added them both. Love you babe!

22 Weeks

How far along are you?: 22 weeks!
Total weight gain?: About 10 lbs
How big is baby?: The size of a papaya (which are gross and mommy hates the smell of).
Maternity clothes?: Wearin' em like a champ.
Stretch marks?: Nope.
Sleep?: The internet says (so it must be true) that baby is awake about 12 hours a day now. As for me, I'm sleeping fine.
Best moment this week?: Eating a Dulce de Leche cupcake that Ryan got me from Crave because he is the best boyfriend EVER and feeling her kick SUPER hard afterwards!
Movement?: Well, obviously she likes cupcakes.
Food cravings?: Any Mexican food. Same as last week
Food aversions?: Nope.
Labor signs?: Nope.
Belly button in or out?: Still an innie.
What I miss?: A life that didn't involve taking so many Tums.
What I'm looking forward to?: Seeing my little baby's face.

I know that this week's post is a week late but I totally forgot to do it last week. It was a really stressful week. I have begun preliminary stages of baby shower planning and last week I was also dealt a devastating blow... my beloved poodle that I have had since I was 5 years old, Miss Peggie, got out of our fence and we haven't seen her since. I don't expect her to be found at this point so it was a little bit of an emotional week. As for the baby shower, invitations should be out soon and nobody make plans for April 27th because you'll be attending my baby shower :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

21 Weeks

How far along are you?: 21 weeks!
Total weight gain?: About 8 lbs now.
How big is baby?: The length of a carrot.
Maternity clothes?: Just got some more on my birthday.  The shirt I'm wearing in this picture is one of them.  Thank you, Ross, for having cheap stuff!
Stretch marks?: Nope.
Sleep?: She actually woke me up kicking the other night.
Best moment this week?: Playing videos of Rhys's voice and her kicking a ton.
Movement?: She kicks a lot after I eat sweets and when she hears Ryan's voice.  Daddy's girl already.
Food cravings?: Any Mexican food.
Food aversions?: Nope.
Labor signs?: No just some weird sharp pains below my ribs :(
Belly button in or out?: Still an innie.
What I miss?: My old jeans.
What I'm looking forward to?: Warmer weather so I can start wearing dresses.

We decided to do a little bit of an owl theme for Little Miss JuneBug.  I'm so excited!  Owls are adorable!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Weeks: Halfway There!

How far along are you?: 20 weeks.  That makes me 5 months today and means we are halfway there!!
Total weight gain?: About 6 lbs.
How big is baby?: Right above 11 ounces!
Maternity clothes?: I need more...
Stretch marks?: Not yet (thank you Palmer's Cocoa Butter Oil).
Sleep?: Still doing good.
Best moment this week?: Finding out the gender this past Thursday :)  I know Ryan is SO excited to have his little daddy's girl!  I love it.
Movement?: She has been SO much more active lately!  I mean kicking all day long.  She's hyper like her daddy.
Food cravings?: Mexican candies.  Tamarindo to be specific.
Food aversions?: Nope.
Labor signs?: Nope.
Belly button in or out?: Still an innie.
What I miss?: Beer.
What I'm looking forward to?: I love doing baby registry stuff...

On a side note, I feel like I look ridiculously huge in this photo compared to last week.  I had Olive Garden for lunch that day and maybe my lunch was making me look like I ate a basketball because I don't feel like I actually look that big on the regular.  Who knows.  However, after Ryan took this picture he definitely laughed and said "You're so pregnant." So maybe I do look that big.  Denial?  Perhaps.

Also, we told Rhys this past Friday that the baby is a little girl and he is going to have a baby sister.  He must've said "baby sister" a million times this weekend!!  At church my mom asked him, "Where is your baby sister?" and he pointed to my tummy and said "There! BABY SISTER!!!"  He gets really excited.  He also decided he would yell at my tummy and tell her hi.  It's safe to say he's pretty psyched about her and Daddy and I are hoping it stays that way.

Ryan and Clarissa