Wednesday, June 26, 2013

39 Weeks

How far along are you?: 39 weeks.  Oh my gosh!!
Total weight gain?: 32 lbs.  Last time I guessed 34 but I think I was wrong.  Could be at 33 or 34 now.  Not sure but I have a dr's appointment this Friday morning.
How big is baby?: Doctor is saying she's probably "normal sized".... like 7lbs.  I'm scared!
Maternity clothes?:  The top in this picture is not maternity lol I got it from Forever21 when I was a freshman in college like 6 years ago!!
Stretch marks?: Been lucky, still no stretch marks.
Sleep?: Nothing I didn't anticipate, still uncomfortable to roll over and to get out of bed.
Best moment this week?:  Ryan and I walked like 2.5 miles tonight and halfway back home he said "Man you need to have this baby soon because I can't keep going out for walks like this!" Haha wuss ;-)
Movement?:  Just the same as always.
Food cravings?:  Sweet stuff!
Food aversions?:  I have yet to have any!
Labor signs?:  I wiiiiiiiish
Belly button in or out?: Still out.
What I miss?:  Fitting into my bathing suit, honestly.  It's so hot out and I just wanna go cool off at the splash pad with rhys but none of my old suits fit me.
What I'm looking forward to?: Ryan and I might take Rhys on a last little family get together at the beach this weekend.  Just something for us to do as a family before the little princess makes her arrival :-)

40 Weeks

How far along are you?:  40 weeks... AND COUNTING since my due date was on MONDAY!!
Total weight gain?:  32 lbs.  No weight changes from last time.  I did not have a dr's appointment this week though since I am scheduled for induction this week.
How big is baby?:  She should be coming in around 7 1/2 if she is "normal" sized.
Maternity clothes?:  Same ones as always... They seem a bit tighter now hmmm.
Stretch marks?:  I think I noticed a few this week but only because my skin looks shinier there and if anybody else is looking, they can't see it.  They'll probably be slightly visible after I have her, who knows.
Sleep?: I have like one good night of sleep left because Thursday I will probably be too excited and nervous to sleep very well.
Best moment this week?:  Scheduling the induction.  I will be 40 weeks 4 days at my induction on Friday.  Typically they wait til 41 weeks but Friday... Monday... big difference.
Movement?:  Looks like I'm harboring an alien in my torso.
Food cravings?:  Chocolate.
Food aversions?:  Nada.
Labor signs?:  Other than the fact that I am 2cm and 80% effaced but not having any freaking contractions other than Braxton Hicks, no not really.
Belly button in or out?: Still out.
What I miss?:  My old jeans.
What I'm looking forward to?: FRIDAY!!!!

For anyone here locally in Houston with us who is planning to visit me and Miss Myla at the hospital, Ryan and I would like to let everyone know that we are not going to accept visitors on Friday except for a couple of people who have already been told exactly who they are.  Other than that, everyone else will wait until Saturday.  We will let everyone know once we are accepting visitors.  And lastly, if you do visit, no children please.  I'll be letting my nurses know of my desires so if you bring your kids you're not going to be allowed in at the security desk!!  And just to clarify, "children" = anyone under the age of 18!!  Even if you do not agree with our requests here, I ask that you please respect them.

And if you are our Facebook friends, look out for a post from either Ryan or me letting people know when we will be accepting visitors.  Most likely we will text people, but keep an eye out anyway.  Woo.... Now I can't wait until Friday!!!   

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

38 Weeks

How far along are you?: 38 weeks.  But who's counting?

Total weight gain?: 34 lbs.  I can't quite keep track well because I don't own a scale so the only time I find out is at dr visits.

How big is baby?: Freaking huge.  At my last appt my dr guesses about 6.6 or 6.7 and that was on 6/7.

Maternity clothes?:  Ya and y'all have prob seen this outfit before since I refuse to buy more than like ten pieces of maternity clothing.  It just doesn't make sense to me since its such a temporary wardrobe.

Stretch marks?: Haven't seen any yet.

Sleep?: Like last week, still getting up like 1-4 times a night to pee.

Best moment this week?:  Being told that if I'm still preggers on my due date (6/24) then we will induce me that week... YES!!

Movement?:  Tons of it.  My baby is crazy.  Plus she is kind of outta room in there.

Food cravings?:  Ice ice ice.

Food aversions?:  Nada!

Labor signs?:  Braxton Hicks.

Belly button in or out?: Still out.

What I miss?:  My feet not hurting all the time :(

What I'm looking forward to?: Being her momma.

And this week, we had big brother rhys in the picture with me!! As you can tell, he already gives his baby sister kisses. He is such a sweet boy and we love him to pieces.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

37 Weeks

How far along are you?: 37 weeks.  I'm full term and she could come any day now!
Total weight gain?: 27 lbs now
How big is baby?: Babycenter says the size of a watermelon.
Maternity clothes?: The clothes in this pic are not maternity.  The pants are yoga pants from Victoria's Secret and the shirt is a Mossimo top from Target that I got on sale for $3 woohoo!!
Stretch marks?: Haven't seen any yet.
Sleep?: Getting up like 1-4 times a night to pee.  Ugh.
Best moment this week?: Well I will give you a best moment of last week instead... Rhys put his hand on my belly and she happened to move right when he did and he screeched and was so intrigued!  It was awesome.  He then proceeded to put his ear up to my belly to see what she had to say.  He's hilarious.
Movement?: Yes because she's hyper like her daddy haha.
Food cravings?: Hmm kind of.  I'm craving certain smells more these days.  Like WEIRD smells... Like the weird musty smell that comes from the A/C in your car when you first turn it on... Or the smell of motor oil.  SO weird.
Food aversions?: I don't have any yet, if you can believe that.  Trust me, I'm keeping my eye out for them.
Labor signs?: I have some sharp pains every once in a while but nothing that lasts long enough for me to time it and nothing that comes often enough for me to time it either.
Belly button in or out?: Out unfortunately.  So out.
What I miss?: Pina coladas.  I want one really bad these days.  These hot, hot, hot summer days!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Just her being here :)

35 Weeks

How far along are you?: 35 weeks.
Total weight gain?: 26 lbs
How big is baby?: She should be 5 1/4 lbs, according to BBC.
Maternity clothes?: The shorts in this pic are my Nike shorts that I've had for years and the top is a maternity top.  It's from MM, I think.
Stretch marks?: No siree.
Sleep?: I'm sleeping fine but just having to pee a lot.
Best moment this week?: Literally feeling her little foot up against the inside of me.  It's pretty crazy.
Movement?: Like crazy
Food cravings?: Ice... Ice is soooooo good
Food aversions?: Nothing.
Labor signs?: None that I've noticed.
Belly button in or out?: Outie
What I miss?: Not having to pee so often.
What I'm looking forward to?: My due date haha.

I Am So Behind!!

I know we have not uploaded any blog posts or pictures in the past few weeks, again, CRAZY CRAZY life right now.  But I will be uploading a couple of weeks tonight!!  I am saddened to report, however, that we missed taking our 36 week picture.  But don't worry: I'm still huge and getting huge-er by the day so you at least can count on that lol.  With that said, I'll be uploading later tonight!!

Thanks so much for keeping up with us and Miss Myla Ryann! :)

R & C