Tuesday, June 4, 2013

37 Weeks

How far along are you?: 37 weeks.  I'm full term and she could come any day now!
Total weight gain?: 27 lbs now
How big is baby?: Babycenter says the size of a watermelon.
Maternity clothes?: The clothes in this pic are not maternity.  The pants are yoga pants from Victoria's Secret and the shirt is a Mossimo top from Target that I got on sale for $3 woohoo!!
Stretch marks?: Haven't seen any yet.
Sleep?: Getting up like 1-4 times a night to pee.  Ugh.
Best moment this week?: Well I will give you a best moment of last week instead... Rhys put his hand on my belly and she happened to move right when he did and he screeched and was so intrigued!  It was awesome.  He then proceeded to put his ear up to my belly to see what she had to say.  He's hilarious.
Movement?: Yes because she's hyper like her daddy haha.
Food cravings?: Hmm kind of.  I'm craving certain smells more these days.  Like WEIRD smells... Like the weird musty smell that comes from the A/C in your car when you first turn it on... Or the smell of motor oil.  SO weird.
Food aversions?: I don't have any yet, if you can believe that.  Trust me, I'm keeping my eye out for them.
Labor signs?: I have some sharp pains every once in a while but nothing that lasts long enough for me to time it and nothing that comes often enough for me to time it either.
Belly button in or out?: Out unfortunately.  So out.
What I miss?: Pina coladas.  I want one really bad these days.  These hot, hot, hot summer days!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Just her being here :)

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