Wednesday, June 26, 2013

40 Weeks

How far along are you?:  40 weeks... AND COUNTING since my due date was on MONDAY!!
Total weight gain?:  32 lbs.  No weight changes from last time.  I did not have a dr's appointment this week though since I am scheduled for induction this week.
How big is baby?:  She should be coming in around 7 1/2 if she is "normal" sized.
Maternity clothes?:  Same ones as always... They seem a bit tighter now hmmm.
Stretch marks?:  I think I noticed a few this week but only because my skin looks shinier there and if anybody else is looking, they can't see it.  They'll probably be slightly visible after I have her, who knows.
Sleep?: I have like one good night of sleep left because Thursday I will probably be too excited and nervous to sleep very well.
Best moment this week?:  Scheduling the induction.  I will be 40 weeks 4 days at my induction on Friday.  Typically they wait til 41 weeks but Friday... Monday... big difference.
Movement?:  Looks like I'm harboring an alien in my torso.
Food cravings?:  Chocolate.
Food aversions?:  Nada.
Labor signs?:  Other than the fact that I am 2cm and 80% effaced but not having any freaking contractions other than Braxton Hicks, no not really.
Belly button in or out?: Still out.
What I miss?:  My old jeans.
What I'm looking forward to?: FRIDAY!!!!

For anyone here locally in Houston with us who is planning to visit me and Miss Myla at the hospital, Ryan and I would like to let everyone know that we are not going to accept visitors on Friday except for a couple of people who have already been told exactly who they are.  Other than that, everyone else will wait until Saturday.  We will let everyone know once we are accepting visitors.  And lastly, if you do visit, no children please.  I'll be letting my nurses know of my desires so if you bring your kids you're not going to be allowed in at the security desk!!  And just to clarify, "children" = anyone under the age of 18!!  Even if you do not agree with our requests here, I ask that you please respect them.

And if you are our Facebook friends, look out for a post from either Ryan or me letting people know when we will be accepting visitors.  Most likely we will text people, but keep an eye out anyway.  Woo.... Now I can't wait until Friday!!!   

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