Wednesday, June 26, 2013

39 Weeks

How far along are you?: 39 weeks.  Oh my gosh!!
Total weight gain?: 32 lbs.  Last time I guessed 34 but I think I was wrong.  Could be at 33 or 34 now.  Not sure but I have a dr's appointment this Friday morning.
How big is baby?: Doctor is saying she's probably "normal sized".... like 7lbs.  I'm scared!
Maternity clothes?:  The top in this picture is not maternity lol I got it from Forever21 when I was a freshman in college like 6 years ago!!
Stretch marks?: Been lucky, still no stretch marks.
Sleep?: Nothing I didn't anticipate, still uncomfortable to roll over and to get out of bed.
Best moment this week?:  Ryan and I walked like 2.5 miles tonight and halfway back home he said "Man you need to have this baby soon because I can't keep going out for walks like this!" Haha wuss ;-)
Movement?:  Just the same as always.
Food cravings?:  Sweet stuff!
Food aversions?:  I have yet to have any!
Labor signs?:  I wiiiiiiiish
Belly button in or out?: Still out.
What I miss?:  Fitting into my bathing suit, honestly.  It's so hot out and I just wanna go cool off at the splash pad with rhys but none of my old suits fit me.
What I'm looking forward to?: Ryan and I might take Rhys on a last little family get together at the beach this weekend.  Just something for us to do as a family before the little princess makes her arrival :-)

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