Monday, March 25, 2013

27 Weeks

How far along are you?: 27 weeks.  This is the last week of my second trimester ahh!!
Total weight gain?: 11 lbs
How big is baby?: Babycenter says about 2 lbs now.
Maternity clothes?: Of course.  Although, the black top I'm wearing in this picture was actually purchased for about $6 at Forever21 a few years back for me to wear to work.  Because of the babydoll fit, I can still wear it now.  Success!!
Stretch marks?: Not yet.
Sleep?: It's safe to say it's uncomfortable now.  I pretty much have no choice but to sleep on my side and because of the way my body lays, I wake up just about every night with a sore hip... Which is just odd to me.
Best moment this week?: Went to a Dr's appointment last week and was told that since I dropped 2lbs she wanted to check my thyroid.  Got the results back for that today and all is normal!!  Good news!!  Now I just have an ultrasound next week to check her growth and make sure it's all on track but I am confident it will be.
Movement?: Tons.  She is a crazy woman.
Food cravings?: I'm craving sweets a bit more now.
Food aversions?: Nothing really.
Labor signs?: No sir-ee.
Belly button in or out?: It's getting to the yucky out position.  I am totally creeped out by outie belly buttons and the fact that mine is doing that... I told Ryan "my belly button betrayal has begun." 
What I miss?: Sleeping on my back!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Ryan is getting a new place soon and I can't wait to set up Myla's nursery.  Oh yeah by the way, we decided we were too excited to keep her name a secret anymore so there have it - our JuneBug is going to be named Myla!!  WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

And here's a flattering picture of Myla's daddy being a dork :)

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