Friday, April 5, 2013

28 Weeks?

So here we are.  It's Friday and Ryan and I have not yet taken our picture for the week (which we typically do on Mondays) so it's looking like we are not getting to it this week.  We are slackers, we know and we're sorry!  He worked late a couple of nights this week and then we had a date night the next night and totally forgot about the pic and both kind of agreed we probably were not going to be taking the picture at that point.  But I'll still update what I can! Just no picture this week, so sorry!!

How far along are you?: 28 weeks.  HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!!
Total weight gain?: 12 lbs.
How big is baby?: Had a growth ultrasound on Tuesday to check this so I know her exact weight: 2lbs 11oz!!!  Atta girl!!
Maternity clothes?: Bought a couple more pieces this week.  Maternity clothing has such a crappy selection.  It's sad.
Stretch marks?: None thus far and crossing my fingers that it stays that way!
Sleep?: Myla doesn't like it when mommy sleeps, apparently.  She makes it her personal mission to move around as much as possible when I lay down and to basically crush my organs if I decide to roll to my other side.  So pleasant.
Best moment this week?: Seeing Myla on the ultrasound this week.
Movement?: Yes :) She is having hiccups now and it just cracks me up.
Food cravings?: All things salty are heaven.
Food aversions?: Nothing.
Labor signs?: No but sometimes I get sharp pains.  I know they're not contractions though.
Belly button in or out?: The belly button betrayal is almost totally complete.  It is almost entirely an outie now.  I'm so grossed out/sad.
What I miss?: Being able to pop my back!
What I'm looking forward to?: I mean are we being honest, here?  If we are, I miss not having heartburn so bad that I can't even lean over to do something without getting reflux.  So nasty.

And PS - anyone finding me through Pinterest, glad to see you here! Repin us!

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